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If you have enough studied Network Marketing Business, you can easily understand that actual earning goes to the OWNER of the company.

Then why you want to be an achiever of “Crown Ambassador” or “Diamond” or “Executive Director” like airy degrees? And why not the Ultimate degree of being an OWNER and provider of such airy degrees?

At Vtech Excellency, we support you to form your own company, products availability and the important one – backbone of MLM Industry – SOFTWARE! = Everything start at Just ₹ 89 Thousand to maximum cost of ₹ 5 Lakh only, which you can easily accumulate on your own or can acquire through your finance partners also. One more important issue remains for growth of your MLM Business is pure Network Marketing Education, which also we provide from the company "Santosh MARG" of International renowned Motivator and Trainer Dr Santosh Parab (Author of “Making Unconscious Conscious”) that too included in above cost schedule.

It’s a complete package for your business to start and flourish! Don’t just keep thinking – discuss your views with our consultant absolutely FREE – Just feel the form below and we approach you within 48 hrs….

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Why MLM software is so important in network marketing businesses.

MLM software facilitates the operation of multilevel marketing member networks and payout plans. It also assists businesses with sales and marketing, as well as payment services.

You'll need MLM software if you're doing an MLM business. Our quality MLM software can assist you in reaching your goals. MLM software is essential for the seamless operation of a successful MLM organization because it allows individuals to complete challenging tasks quickly. Our MLM software includes a lot of adjustable features.

Our MLM Software has these features


Mobile friendly.


Multilingual support.


Technical support.


Secure payment gateway.



MLM Plans

you have the option of selecting from a variety of plans or designing your own i.e. Generation Plan, Matching Plan, Crowd Funding Plan, Matrix Plan, CryptoCurrency Plan, etc.

Payment Processing Service

Technology that allows businesses to take payments via the internet, such as credit and debit cards, is processed by online payment processing. Online payments save time and money, allowing businesses to focus on their core capabilities while avoiding the problems that occur with manual payments.

Reporting System

The reporting system provides all of the details you need about the business. You can download the reports in pdf or doc format.

Why MLM Education is so important in network marketing businesses.

New recruits in your MLM business are most probably totally unaware of process of business and marketing hence they should be guided through result oriented time tasted process. They are essential for winning new customers and for gaining an edge over competitors. Sales and marketing both are complex and hence need a deep understanding. Education in multi level marketing teaches them about introducing and promoting products to customers. Education in sales teaches them how to bring in revenue.

Grow your revenue with us.

There is no other MLM software that offers business intelligence for direct selling, Our software designed to increase sales and streamline operations.

Vtech Excellency is the right partner for data-driven and ethical direct-selling or MLM companies with a proven comp plan, technical resources, and distributor-growth-focused leadership.

Whether you have a traditional direct selling model or a mix, Vtech Excellency handles your needs. Take your business to the next level with the most powerful MLM platform on the Indian market.


"Vtech Excellency opened the revenue floodgates, and revenue doubled for three or four consecutive months. Vtech Excellency saved us time like crazy. They also saved money because we didn't have to hire an in-house tech team to do basic customizations. I think Vtech Excellency has a customer for life.” – Ashok Kumar, VP of Blockchain Movie & BBM Coin.

"Most other platforms are stuck in the past, so their flexibility and adaptability are really poor. But with Vtech Excellency, in sharp contrast, our company is more stable and scalable than anything we've ever worked with."– Harish, CEO of NXS360 Global

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